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The Most Valuable Commodity!

September 3, 2015 by ProntoCare0

The search continues for the next Big thing to sell, after i Phones, i Pads and all the long list of High Tech toys , is going to be the most valuable commodity , that is Health! Simply without it , you can never enjoy any of your wealth, no matter how much money you have when you are sick, you will never enjoy it and if you are in fact going to loose most or all of it on healthcare bills. As a lot of my patients share with me that they actually feel sicker when they see those bills coming in the mailbox!

As it is reported that number one cause for Bankruptcy is the unpaid medical bills as it is too expensive. But spending so much money in healthcare does not necessarily translate to better health outcome. This is evidenced by the fact that US is the biggest spender in the world on healthcare but ranked number 37 when measured with clinical outcome data( which is the bottom line )!

So, there have been a lot of research about ( cost effectiveness) in so many top Universities such as Harvard and others to calculate the cost of Healthcare dollars for various diagnoses. For example the cost for Hemodialysis care for End Stage Kidney Failure patients, cost of implanting a cardiac defibrillator to shock the patient out of a lethal heart Rhythm called Ventricular Tachycardia or Ventricular Fibrillation and help jump start the heart, cancer care, cost of open heart bypass surgery or a coronary stent , all very costly , and develop appropriate guidelines for the management of patients without breaking the Bank! One important factor is being proactive in disease prevention and wellness . Only doing a spot fix or acute disease management without addressing the entire head to toe care has caused so much waste in the overall US healthcare dollars. As a matter of fact , according to the AARP article in Nov 2012, there is estimated a total of $765 Billion of Wasted Spending in Healthcare divided as follows

  1. $55 Billion wasted as Missed Prevention opportunities.
  2. $65 Billions wasted as Medical Fraud
  3. $ 105 Billions wasted on Excessive prices
  4. $130 Billions wasted as Preventable errors/mistakes
  5. $190 Billions wasted as Insurance and bureaucratic costs
  6. $210 Billions wasted as Unnecessary services

So , after full diagnosis of the current unhealthy healthcare system , that should be followed with effective treatment strategy as everybody is hurting including doctors, providers, patients and the entire community!

That is why 4 years ago we started our Low Cost Quality Healthcare Program to restore the direct doctor-patient relationship without third party interference or hassle and with mutual trust and respect working together to achieve the best health results , save patient thousands of dollars , decrease stress , abort or limit costly hospitalization without compromising the patient healthcare. We are very proud to share with you outstanding results for so many of our patient who enrolled in our Low Cost Quality Healthcare Program all available on our website,

So, Now is the time to switch from an old ineffective costly cycle of healthcare model and join in our program of Disease Prevention, Comprehensive Wellness and Stress management. As you start 2015 , think about investing in your health between 2 to 5 dollars a day by joining as the rate of return on your minimal investment is phenomenal and guaranteed for you to be able to get up ,go to work, take of your family and be a healthy productive member of the society.

So, do invest and protect your most valuable commodity ,Your Health!

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Adel M. Eldin MD, FACC, FACP
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