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What’s happening in healthcare today?


In less than a month since the Election results came out on November 8th, there is a fast transition taking place with the new administration including healthcare. Moving forward from Obamacare to Trump Care would include important changes which will attempt to highlight some of them. First, keeping two important elements of Obama care ( No denial of coverage for Pre-existing conditions) and dependents up to 26 years of age can still be covered under parents.

It is unlikely to replace Obama care but repealing it would be a more likely scenario. The incoming Health and Human Services Secretary is a Physician ( Orthopedic Surgeon) Dr Tom Price who is also a legislator would be more likely to be more supporting to healthcare in general and doctors in particular. It is hoped that these changes will be gradual to minimize the potential adverse outcome.

So, it is expected using free market principles to increase access to healthcare that is more affordable with better outcome through delivery of quality healthcare. This will mean eliminating the Individual Mandate that individuals must buy insurance and allow this to be done across State lines without restrictions. In addition, allow individuals to get Tax credits from their Health payments up to $2500.00 per one year instead of giving government subsidy for healthcare based on income scale . Encouraging young people to enroll in Health Saving Accounts(HSA) which can be used by any member of the family.

Encourage competition among Drug Providers to offer safe,cheaper and reliable products( generic medication for example) in a free Healthcare market to bring prices down for the benefit of the consumer. Fighting Fraud, Waste and Abuse in Healthcare is also very important to help fund and sustain Medicare and Medicaid along with a shift to pay for value and quality healthcare rather than just volume linking outcome and other metrics to reimbursement of services.

No one disagrees that there is a lot of anxiety and worries about the fate of coverage of 20 million Americans currently enrolled in Obama care and has possibly fueled a surge in enrollment for 2017 as repealing Obama care may cause millions to loose coverage if legislation passes!

The most effective solution here is having more choices in a Free Healthcare Market where the consumer shops around for the best deal based on quality healthcare, customer satisfaction and price transparency that makes their healthcare truly Affordable.

With the added Incentive of giving Tax Credit for patients enrolled in Membership Medicine,or Concierge Medicine to save money on healthcare and get a tax break, will make Concierge Medicine and Direct Contacting for Healthcare for Individuals and Employers very attractive option especially with many Insurers pulling out of Obamacare. It is going to an attractive choice rather than forced Healthcare linked to Tax Penalties for not enrolling.

This will mean good news for Independent Physicians to fill the gap in healthcare delivery and thrive as all other options will not be compatible with their long term economic sustainability!

Adel M. Eldin MD, FACC, FACP
Internal Medicine
Wellness and Preventive Cardiology

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