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Finally a dream come true!

November 24, 2014 by ProntoCare0

Everybody agrees that the current health care model is unsustainable and real innovation is needed to bring two essential elements in healthcare, first being low cost, second is uncompromising quality!

So , I started my journey towards finding solution that is good to patient, doctor (especially those left in private practice after almost 50% of them rushed to being employed seeking financial stability that followed a lot of instability in the aftermath of World Economic crisis in 2009 , and I knew health care is coming next since almost 20 cents of each dollar from the Gross National Product GDP is being spent on healthcare and this is going to drive the whole system to bankruptcy!

So followed in 2010 with passage of the Affordable Care Act and it took a long time for average citizen to understand and took a long time to implement after websites crashes and you all know the rest! Only about 7 million of a total of 60 million Americans of are Uni insured or under insured got enrolled, leaving millions of Middle Class Hard Working Americans left out in the cold!

I have already started in 2009 with meticulous and painful process trying to find a comprehensive solutions to patients who are suffering rising premiums, higher co payments for less benefits , and providers( being mostly doctors) are getting less reimbursements if any in a lot of cases with rising overhead and operating cost and more restrictions and regulations (IT, HIPPA,..ETC) that ended up in pushing a big number of good fellow physicians to shut their practices ! As everybody can tell , the math will tell you if you spend more than what you make, you will be forced to close your practice.

So, I started our Low Cost Quality Healthcare Program during the Heart Month (February 2011) and launched a series of Community Educational Programs at Palace Grand in Spring Hill, Florida in addition to Newspaper ads, Radio Shows and visiting so many communities (Churches, Schools, Multiple various Chambers of Commerce events whether breakfast,business mixer, or Clubs like Kiwanis, Rotary , Home Owner Association and the list goes on locally, Nationally as far as California in a National Concierge Medicine Conference and Globally as far as Dubai!

I saw the Hugh need and increasing devastation everywhere and I believed in doing the ( Right thing) as time passes the dynamics of patients need for good program that really addresses the main three elements of Healthcare( Disease Prevention, Comprehensive Wellness and Stress Management) , so program started for ages 20 to 65 and then expanded to offer Wellness Program to keep patients from having high cost procedures and abort most of the unnecessary costly hospitalizations!

The program has grown to serve the Tampa Bay Residents and visitors , and we are honored our program is being offered to the City of Tampa Non-Medicare Retirees
as well as for the entire Tampa Bay area!. We have very special added features with added value to patients and the community. First , we are transparent , we educate, advocate and empower our patients. Second, we have Truly Low Cost Healthcare and we have so many testimonials on Social Media that have attested to not only the exceptional personalized services but how much money they have saved , in one patient wards( Thank God, I saved so much money , I only spent less than 5% of what would cost me if I went somewhere else!). You can also listen to Radio Shows on home page

Third, we give back to the community (so I am also a Social Entrepreneur!) to help ease hunger pain as we have close to 60 million hungry Americans involving the most Vulnerable ( Women, Children, Elderly and yes Veterans!). Watch Videos on YouTube channel when you go to

Fourth, We help build your immune system which crashes under stress causing so many diseases ( infections, cancer, chronic fatigue..etc) , so we help stabilize the immune system by giving Black seed as well and you can watch all the testimonial on Facebook , learn more

Now, we have more reasons to give thanks , not Just on Thanksgiving day, but rather all year round! This will be my first post on this topic and I would welcome any opportunity of cooperation with any fellow physician, company, investor to bring this dream of dignified Healthcare to patients and providers and help to Bring the Heart Back In Medicine!

Adel Eldin, MD, FACC, FACP

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Adel M. Eldin MD, FACC, FACP
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