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Coffee is good in Moderation! – Pronto Care

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Coffee is good in Moderation!

May 2, 2018 by ProntoCare0

Coffee is a global beverage with millions of metric tonnes consumed annually, half of which is consumed here in the US. Most type used in the world is seeds of ( Coffee Arabica). Coffee has very interesting history as the effect of wild coffee berries on goats in ( Abyssinia , currently Ethiopia was first observed in 850 AD. Then by the 15th Century was introduced in Yemen, then spread in the 16th Century to Turkey during the Ottman Empire , Egypt, North Africa, India, West Africa, Italy and rest of Europe then to the new land ( America) rest of the World

The Word Coffee was borrowed from the Arabic word for Coffee( Qahwa) with a close meaning to the Arabic word (Qowa) which means power and strength . Coffee was not popular in America till 1773 when the Boston Tea Party made the switch from Tea to Coffee and became like a patriotic duty as a large shipment of Tea was dumped into Boston Harbor to protest the British Tax on Tea! Then Coffee was used heavily during the civil war to keep soldiers awake and energetic and since then it has been consumed regularly by the Military.

Coffee is a stimulant and it increases Cyclic AMP levels in the body. Coffee contains Chlorogenic acids which have Anti-Oxidant effects , thus become cardio protective , also may decrease risk of depression in women thought to be related to action of Caffeine. Coffee intake decreases Uric acid level due to inhibiting Xanthine Oxidase enzyme . Elevated Uric acid level would lead to gout and arthritis resulting from joint inflammation and destruction by High Uric acid levels, a specific action not found with Tea consumption.

Consumption of Coffee was found to be associated with decreased overall mortality( death) related to inflammatory and Cardiovascular Disease in Iowa ( Post Menopausal) Women Health Study through its Anti-oxidant Activity benefit again not found in tea consumption.

In another study with African American women who drank moderate amounts of caffeinated Coffee beverages ( 1-3 cups daily) or 400 mg/a day of Caffeine , had a reduced risk for type 2 Diabetes( Black Women Health Study). Moderate Coffee Consumption lower mortality also by decreasing rate of liver disease progression in Chronic Hepatitis C. Coffee and cancer. Coffee burns fat easily with obese subjects by increasing the metabolic rate. In addition, Coffee improves memory and mental sharpness by being Central Nervous System Stimulant .

After a cup of Coffee, many can feel less stress, can think clearly, able to organize thoughts and ideas with innovation and problem solving, so can help psychologically as well. But everything is good in moderation as some folks will go on drinking Coffee excessively , no wonder they will complain of heart burn and upset stomach as it increases gastric acid secretion and cause reflux disease and cause palpitations, racing heart with many arrhythmia as I usually advise them to switch to decaffeinated Coffee and drink in Moderation. One exciting option that I have tried myself for my patients who love Coffee is a Green seed Coffee brand served in Middle East which gives the satisfaction and energy and mental sharpness without caffeine and palpitations. Also new organic Coffee brands coming out from grinding the seeds of dates. There are stronger coffees such as Turkish coffee and Espresso types.. There are ice Coffee to cool you in the summer and Hot coffee as well. There are social activities rotate around Coffee at work for instance where employees take a brief Coffee break which is different from a longer Lunch Break

For long distance drivers, they will need Coffee especially driving at night to stay awake,. One of my patients was suggesting a free Coffee service on the Highway to prevent Motor Vehicle Accidents . Now that you learned that moderate Coffee consumption is good for you in many ways, you should also be concerned that erratic rain fall caused by global climate change could be a real threat to the future of coffee production and hence availability for consumption by millions of people here in the US and around the World.

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